Letter to the Editor: Pro-choice not pro-abortion


    Dear Editor,

    I am one of the three BYU Democrats who was on stage at the Wilkinson Student Center. I agree with the BYU Democrats’ president when he says that we are pro-choice — not pro-abortion. And for the moment, I will stand behind the right of choice to have an abortion. Not because I enjoy the idea of abortions being used as “birth-control”, but because if the legislation that is being pushed through Congress passes, then the rights of those women who have been victims of rape, incest, or whose lives are in danger from a pregnancy that may not even come to full term, will be taken away. There needs to be allowances for situations like these. Even the church on these rare occassions will allow an abortion to take place, but even then, only after MUCH prayer, fasting, and counsel. (Why do you think that it is the anti-abortion groups that protest the church every year at General Conference?)

    Just the idea of a law telling victims of violent crimes or telling women whose lives are in danger that they need to suffer the consequences of something that was beyond their control is heartless. So before the campus labels Democrats as “immoral” and as “Baby-killers”, take the time to understand why we feel what we feel, rather than latch on to political catch-phrases. Perhaps someday there will be a middle ground, but until then I will not in good conscience desire to outlaw abortion from everyone.

    Ruben Urias

    Buena Park

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