Letter to the Editor: Choice doesn’t show support


    Dear Editor,

    This is a letter in response to a previous letter entitled “Abortion Realities.” The author attempted to suggest that those supporting democratic views were simply kidding themselves by using the term pro-choice. He suggests that if you are pro-choice you must be pro-abortion because you support the decision of the woman to abort. This implication somehow indicated a psuedo-responsibility for her choice. He finished by calling pro-choice a support for abortion. I must seriously disagree with this logic. I will make the assumption that the author understands the concept of agency as given by God, the sacred ability to choose.

    I think it is safe to call God pro-choice. That is, God supports our freedom to make a decision. Based on this good author’s logic this also makes God pro-abortion, pro-murder, pro-pot smoking, and any other vise that you can dream of because he allows us to choose. I think many would agree that this is a bogus idea. They would also agree that God probably does not spend His time handing out pot-laced brownies at the local elementary school.

    However, this good brother would have us believe that he might as well be, simply because he allows us to make a choice. I ask that dear brother if this is the conjecture he is making or would he like to think a bit deeper about how the issue of pro-choice truly falls? Try to use the synapses more then the heartstrings before putting words to print. But thanks anyhow for the “reality” check. (From a not so illogical Republican.)

    Shane Gailushas


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