Lectures to focus on mind, body and spirit


    By Holly Bluemlein

    The holidays are coming quickly-and Woman’s Services and Resources wants BYU students to slow down and balance their lives.

    Finding balance between mind, body and spirit is the theme of a workshop series starting today and running through December.

    Today’s workshop focuses on managing stress, especially the stress that often comes with the holidays.

    The workshop series is designed to help students find harmony and balance in their lives, said LaNae Valentine, coordinator of Women’s Services and Resources, the organization that is sponsoring the events.

    The spirit, mind, and body must work together or the body cannot retain balance, Valentine said.

    These workshops are especially important to college students who often put one or more of these principles on the back burner, she said.

    Valentine said she hopes these workshops will help students to slow down and balance their lives.

    Lizzie Cook, 20, a junior from Fairbanks, Ala., majoring in elementary education, said she can tell the difference when her life is out of balance.

    “People who put all of their focus on one aspect just are not as happy as they could be,” Cook said.

    The second lecture will be on November 16. It is titled “The Way of the Creative Woman,” and will give suggestions on uplifting one’s soul through art, writing, and music.

    On November 30, the workshop will be on refining the soul through the body being obedient to the spirit.

    The final lecture, on December 7, will deal with mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. In this workshop Valentine will teach that being mindful is nearly as important as eating.

    All workshops will take place on Thursdays from 11:00 to noon on the third floor of the Wilkinson Student Center.

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