Hunger banquet will benefit needy


    By Christina Broadbent

    More than 500 students from colleges and universities in Alberta to New Mexico will gather at BYU this week to participate in a hunger banquet that will provide service for needy children, and present leadership programs.

    The conference, sponsored by the Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, has the hometown theme of “Somewhere in tYme.”

    President of the Resident Halls Association, Ben Hess, 22, spent six weeks researching to compile the 50-page bid for BYU to host the event.

    “We hear about the challenges on our campus and how it applies to us,” Hess said.

    Hess said he hopes the guests from other schools will be able to get a taste of the BYU spirit.

    “Hopefully the conference will help interest in the church and the things we do at BYU,” He said.

    Student Housing Administrator Julie Howard said this year’s activity will be a hunger banquet.

    The activity will take 2 percent of the individuals and allow them to eat an elegant, catered meal representing first-world meals.

    Other individuals will be served portions representing second-world meals.

    80 percent of the individuals will be served third-world meals.

    “We really want to bring the group to an awareness of world hunger,” Howard said.

    A portion of the budget from the banquet will be donated to fight world hunger.

    Programming Chair, Amy Merrill, 19, a sophomore from Scotia, New York, said she is excited for the chance to share different outlooks with the students from other schools.

    “I want those who attend to go back to their campuses and be enthused and empowered to serve and make a difference in others’ lives,” Merrill said.

    Vice President of the Heritage Halls area council, Natalie Swensen, 19, from Seattle Wash., said she will present a program on goal setting, and plans to focus on how BYU can make its resident halls better.

    BYU students are invited to join the Resident Halls Association members in a service project benefiting needy children in less fortunate countries on Friday from 2-4 p.m. in the WSC.

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