Honor Code change takes earring stand


    By Christina Broadbent

    When students receive their ecclesiastical endorsement forms this January, they may notice a one-word change in the dress and grooming standards.

    In order to align the Honor Code with the counsel of President Gordon B. Hinckley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, administration is going through the process of changing the dress and grooming standard to require women to wear no more than one earring in each ear. Student Life Vice President Jan Scharman, said a letter will be sent to ecclesiastical leaders along with endorsement forms noting the change.

    “Our stand is that when the prophet has spoken, the decision-making process is over,” Scharman said.

    Honor Code Director Steve Baker, said Winter semester is a transition period in which bishops will have an opportunity to discuss the change with their ward members.

    “It will take time for everyone to get the word and understand,” he said.

    The expectation is that students will work with the Honor Code as a matter of commitment to it, Baker said.

    Carrie Jenkins, University Communications assistant to the President, said the change becomes effective at the conclusion of Winter semester.

    “We hope that students will take the prophet’s counsel and do what he asked them to do,” she said.

    Chris Kirkland, 24, a senior from Henderson, Nev., represents the Marriott School of Business as a member of the Student Advisory Council.

    His committee has been working on sponsoring a bill concerning the earring issue.

    “There was a lot of strong feelings both ways,” Kirkland said. “I’m glad we don’t need to debate it anymore since it has already been decided.”

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