Advertorial: Pizza Pipeline makes it big


    Pizza Pipeline, where everything’s big, but the price.

    With lots of pizza chains to choose from in Provo the Pipeline came into town in 1996 and stole the show.

    Pizza Pipeline is a delivery and carryout joint on Canyon Road with hours from 10:30 a.m. everyday to 1 a.m. on Sunday through Thursday and 2 a.m. on Saturday and Friday.

    The students in the dorms love the Pipeline.

    “We deliver to the dorms and it’s a large part of our business,” said Terry Bartlett, one of the owners of Pizza Pipeline.

    Students appreciate the late hours that the Pipeline gives them during the week.

    “Students who are studying late still have an opportunity to have something delivered to them,” said Bartlett.

    One of the busiest times at the store is game day.

    “It’s a zoo around here,” said Bartlett.

    There are 20-30 people making pizzas by the stack. The medium sized pepporoni or canadian bacon pizzas are sold for $5 on the street as hundreds of people walk and drive past on their way to the game.

    The menu at the Pipeline is one of the most extensive with 25 different choices of toppings and five different sauces. This is a larger range of choices then most gourmet pizza stores, said Bartlett.

    Some of the toppings include; barbeque beef and chicken, fajita steak and chicken, shrimp, artichoke hearts and anchovies.

    The five sauces add to the flavor and variety of the pizza with regular pizza sauce, garlic, pesto, barbeque and Cajun fire.

    There are also eight different subs including ham, turkey, grilled chicken and the pipeliner – a hot pizza sub.

    A favorite item of the Pipeline is their Tricky Sticks. The cheesy garlic breadsticks and the rajun’ Cajun are appetizers and come with pizza sauce. The most popular bread sticks are the cinnamon sweet that are accompinied by a sweet cream cheese frosting. These delicious breadsticks only cost $3.00.

    The Pizza Pipeline is the 72nd largest pizza chain on the West Coast with stores in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Colorado, said Scott Sloan, marketing director for Pizza Pipeline.

    “We are also in the top five for the sellers of Pepsi on the West Coast,” said Sloan.

    The reason for this is a free 24 oz. pop is given with every pizza and sub that is sold.

    Sloan actually got into the Pizza Pipeline business after trying some of the pizza in the first store in Spokane, Wash. He was starting his advertising business and liked the product. He offered to work for free to build the Pipeline’s business.

    The company grew and he decided to buy into the company and is now a minor owner along with being the marketing director.

    “It’s the best quality product for the price,” said Sloan. “No one’s beating our price.”

    Sloan lists three reasons why Pizza Pipeline is the best pizza place to choose in town.

    1. Locally owned and operated.

    2. The Bread sticks are addictive. “Once you’ve had one, you can’t stop.”

    3. Fresh ingredients are cut up and used daily.

    The Pipeline is also a great place to work for students. Drivers usually make an average of $100 a night in tips and up to $150 on the weekends.

    Three other stores have opened in Utah. There is a store in Orem, American Fork and a new store recently opened in Salt Lake City.

    “We’re selling a good product at a good price,” said Sloan. “The word is out.”

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