BYU good place to meet a date


    By Christianne Salisbury

    The Testing Center, the library and general education classes are good for more than getting an education.

    Some BYU-made couples have used these places as a step toward eternal progression.

    Whether it’s the made-up question or the note casually sent across the library table, there are many ways that couples come together at BYU.

    Jason Judd, 22, a junior from Mesa, Ariz., a pre-dental major, met the girl of his dreams during an exam in the Testing Center.

    “I raised my hand while she was proctoring and asked how to use the bathroom so that I could talk to her,” Jason said. “I went home and told my roommates about the Testing Center girl, determined that I would get to know her.”

    Fate played its cards right when Jason and Tina ended up in the same chemistry class the next semester.

    “It was immediate contact when she walked in the classroom,” Jason said.

    They eventually became lab partners, said Tina Judd, 21, a senior from Chicago, majoring in exercise science.

    She said it was the way he paid attention to the little things that got her.

    He brought her a dozen lavender roses the day after they were engaged.

    “I had told him when we first started dating that they were my favorite. But I’d never gotten them because I wanted my husband to be the first person to give them to me,” Tina said.

    In the dating game, sometimes it’s the little things that can make a difference. And sometimes, it’s the cheap fun things that bring two people together.

    “One of my favorite dates was when we went to a church gym and played broom hockey,” Tina said. “We really got to know each other and had a great time.

    Students looking for an eternal companion may also want to check out the periodical section in the Harold B. Lee library.

    Marianne met her husband, Clint Jensen, after he passed a note to her in the library.

    “I had to leave but I had noticed her studying and wanted to get to know her,” said Clint Jensen, 22, a junior for San Jose, Calif., majoring in management information systems. “I wrote my phone number and e-mail on the back of a receipt I had in my pocket.”

    Marianne Jensen, 20, a junior from Declo, Idaho, majoring in public relations, decided to take a chance and e-mailed him.

    Their first date was a chorus concert followed by homemade icies.

    “It was the best first date I ever had,” Clint said. “We were able to get to know a lot about each other and found we had a lot in common.”

    He said they did fun activities without spending too much money.

    They ate pizza on top of the Y, went hot tubing, searched for Nutty Putty caves and went running together.

    “We knew it was right because we couldn’t stand being away from each other,” Clint said.

    Marianne said he met all the requirements she had for a husband and they complemented each other.

    Clint made their relationship official by proposing outside the place they met — the library.

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