Letter to the Editor: Cell phones nuisance in class


    Dear Editor,

    I have recently become concerned about the use of cell phones at BYU. Answering calls during a professor’s lecture or in the quiet library is totally ignorant. Not only is it annoying, but it is totally inconsiderate to the people around you. The ringers on these phones are just as bad. These empty-headed people have their phones set to the loudest volume level and to ring continuously. This, if you have not noticed, is extremely irritating. I ask why they must do this and have come to a conclusion. Either the users are oblivious to the features on their phones, or they get a thrill out of making everyone realize that they have an incoming call. I carry a phone on me, but unlike these bothersome people, I have mine set to a low ring level and to ring only ONCE. This eliminates the continuous intensity of the ringing as the phone is taken out just to see who is calling.

    Get a clue, senseless cell phone users. It’s not legitimate to answer your phone in the middle of class.

    Jasher Sutton



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