BYU student finds strength in sharing her talents


    By Lee Champion

    BYU finds another multi-talented student.

    Kyleen Riggs, 20, a junior from Chandler, Ariz., majoring in music/dance/theater, said she started her performing career when she was 3 and has continued ever since.

    Riggs comes from a musical family and that is what got her into performing, Riggs said.

    “I grew up playing the piano, singing and dancing,” Riggs said.

    Riggs took private voice lessons for three years and performed with many different groups such as Sound Celebration and the honor and show choirs in high school, Riggs said.

    These choirs took Riggs to California, Utah, and Arizona to perform, Riggs said.

    Music has been a great help in finding comfort and strength in life because words along with music is much stronger than words alone, Riggs said.

    In high school she also was a varsity cheerleader her sophomore year, Riggs said.

    Dance and gymnastics have also played a big part in Riggs’ performing.

    Riggs has studied dance for the past 16 years and growing up performed in Dance Extreme, which gave her experience performing on a cruise ship as well as performing in Mexico.

    For 4 years Riggs was involved in all-around gymnastics and since then she has just focused on tumbling, Riggs said.

    Riggs has received over $3500 in scholarship money from pageants such as the Cinderella Scholarship program and the Jr. Miss pageants.

    Currently Riggs is performing in the BYU Young Ambassadors and will tour to her home state, Arizona, as well as Nevada, Russia, Japan, and Korea.

    Opening a dance studio and becoming a pediatric nurse are two goals that she has, Riggs said.

    Although Riggs is trained in singing, dancing, gymnastics, and playing the piano, she said, “my biggest goal is to get married and raise a family in the gospel.”

    Riggs has always looked to Doctrine and Covenants 60:13 to give her support in her performing. The scripture says, “Neither shalt thou bury thy talent that it may not be known.”

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