Studio 57 allows students a creative outlet


    By Bethany Park

    Providence brought seven creative men together in a perfect house for performances. Now BYU students have a new social scene to meet and mingle.

    Thursday night is open mike night, not at Johnny B’s or on BYU’s campus, but at Studio 57, the house of Dave Shelton, Dave Wrathlall, Brian Hall, John Wrathlall, and Chris Brown.

    “The only thing that may stop us now is the weather,” Dave Shelton, 25, a junior from Moses Lake, Wash. majoring in business management, said.

    Plans are to move the activity to the neighbors’ garage when the winter weather gets really cold, but in the meantime bring blankets and bundle up, Shelton said.

    It’s easy to spot this entertainment venue, on the corner of 7th North and 6th East. Christmas lights, flags normally seen at a car dealership, sofas and benches on the lawn, a small stage with two mikes, a few PA systems, and a keyboard can all be seen.

    However, the biggest clue there is the crowd. Last Thursday’s performance gathered about 70 people, Dave Wrathlall, 24, a junior from Santa Cruz, Calif., majoring in international studies, said.

    “We started doing this last year, but as informal barbecues in honor of people. The celebration was all for them, people that were having a bad week or just needed some cheering up,” Wrathlall said.

    Last year they had a barbecue for one particular girl and she didn’t come, but the group wrote her a song and performed it on her doorstep, Wrathlall said.

    Performers do a number of things, but most performances are acoustic guitar, Wrathlall said.

    “Someday I’m going to be famous,” Shauna Wiser, 20, a freshmen from Kaysville, Utah, majoring in graphic design, said.

    Wiser said she has been playing the guitar for three years and performed with friend Tiffany Lambert, 21, a sophomore from Sacramento, Calif., majoring in dance.

    “I get really nervous up there, but it’s a good place to start playing to get used to crowds,” Lambert said.

    The studio 57 men said they hope people will branch out and express themselves in more ways than just guitar.

    “We want this to be really comfortable for anyone to perform anything. We don’t want a lot of big bands performing,” Wrathlall said.

    This Thursday is lip sync night, which they’ve hosted before.

    “It’s so fun and gets really crazy,” Wrathlall said.

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