Letter to the Editor: Don’t make classes of Mormons


    Dear Editor,

    Contrary to recent philosophy, members of the LDS Church in Utah should not be pitted against members of the church outside Utah. Using the term “Utah Mormons” and “non-Utah Mormons” is a political tactic known as “class warfare” that pits two or more groups against each other — an Al Gore tactic (bless his empty heart). It is wrong to debate that Utah Mormons are worse or better than other Mormons. It is correct to celebrate that which is common among us.

    Another recently flawed philosophy states that Mormons are innately na?ve and that naivete among church members stems from “Utah Mormons.” (FYI: Innate means existing in, belonging to, or determined by factors present in an individual from birth). One must suppose that if the Mormon community as a whole is na?ve that it must originate from the top. Is President Hinckley na?ve? (He did use the term “rave” in his last Conference discourse). Was Joseph Smith? How about Senator Hatch and J. Huntsman? Are the blind leading the blind here, or are we okay? Na?ve means “deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgement.” Although Mormons by definition distance themselves from “the world” I believe that even the class-pitters believe deep down in their contentious hearts that the majority of Mormons, in and outside of Utah, know the truth about the world’s ills. It is not requisite that one smoke la-la, sleep around, know the lyrics to a random band in the “Bay Area”, and wear the latest Mesa, Ariz., fashion to not be na?ve.

    Julie/ MTV Girl is not the naivete benchmark for the Mormon community. She is the exception, not the norm. We’re talking about a girl who doesn’t know that the term “negro” is archaic and someone who can’t find her way to a bagel shop in Provo. Don’t buy the hype people. That girl is nothing more than an insecure, uninformed student who opens her yap without thinking first. There is a marked difference between being stupid and being na?ve.

    There are uninformed people across the board my friends: uninformed Mormons, uninformed Catholics, uninformed Jainists etc. Don’t be so na?ve as to look individually and label collectively.

    Mat Larsen

    Spanish Fork

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