Hunter’s wifes join to make memories


    By Rob Meier

    Widow’s weekend, as it is called by deer hunters, was not a lonely night for some Utah County women.

    Saturday evening, 13 ladies from Utah County headed to Mom and Me Scrapbooking in Salt Lake and scraped until midnight.

    According to these scrapbookers, deer hunting and being out in the cold is not their idea of fun.

    “I hate it, I can’t stand to see the animals get killed,” said first time scrapbooker Ann Johnston of Utah County.

    It is good to be with all the girls and we have a lot of fun with it, said Vanessa Shumway of Provo.

    “The dads of course are either deer hunting, watching the world series or tending,” Shumway said.

    During the last five to six years scrapbooking has become very big in Utah. Mothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters and sister-in-laws are all here tonight to scrapbook, said Michelle Howe a BYU graduate and Utah County resident.

    “I guess I started scrapbooking after my mission when I saw how many pictures I had collected from my mission and college,” Howe said.

    When I first started scrapbooking in fifth grade it didn’t look very good, now I am not to bad, said 13-year-old Halli Shumway of Provo.

    This is a fun night to be together while the men are hunting, and of course, there is food, said Connie Rand another first time scrapbooker.

    “I had a lot of pictures so they asked me if I wanted to come tonight. This is great fun,” Rand said.

    “This week I am scrapbooking while he is hunting, next week I am going to Disney Land. That’s a fair trade off,” Johnston said.

    As the scrapbookers scraped into the late hours of the night the conversation was about anything from scrapbooking to men.

    “I like talking about Charlie Peterson, he is so hot,” Shumway said.

    Awards are not given out at the end of the night for the best page because everybody is on a different level, but they do keep a running total of who has the most done, Howe said.

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