Letter to the Editor: Naivety spreads through LDS culture


    Dear Editor,

    As a “non-Utah Mormon,” I agree with the “Utah Mormons” in saying there is no difference between us … sort of. Let me explain myself. There is an innate naivety in the Mormon culture as a whole. Whether that is a good thing or not is debatable. However, the fact that Utah has a concentration of Mormons, leads many to believe that naivety comes from the state of Utah.

    For example, that girl on MTV’s “Real World.” She was as naive as they come and she was from Wisconsin! This naivety is also prevalent in what is written to the editors. If you cannot help but have bad thoughts looking at girls on campus wearing single strap backpacks, I pray you never leave this bubble called Utah. And condemning girls for not taking out their earrings the second the prophet spoke? Everyone struggles to reach perfection, and if others’ faults can be seen by others, that does not make them a worse person. What will happen if one of these people are offended by the condemnation they receive by your attitude and fall away?

    Who will be at least partially responsible? I wonder …

    Todd Hamilton

    Mesa, Ariz.

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