Letter to the Editor: Honor Code about personal integrity, not pointing fingers


    Dear Editor,

    I just wanted to write and thank many of the students who have taken the time to write to the Readers’ Forum. Many of us have very busy schedules, and one of the ways that I have found to take a break from the stress and have a good laugh is to read the letters to the editor. Thank you for the free comedy.

    I see a pretty funny dichotomy in the Readers’ Forum. Of course there are always a few thoughtful, intelligently written letters about real issues, but it seems like there are way too many letters dealing with the Honor Code.

    These letters seem to fall into two categories: 1.) those written by self-righteous zealots who take offense (though I bet none is ever intended) when someone disobeys the honor code, and 2.) those written by people who disobey the Honor Code then are dumb enough to act surprised that someone is annoyed. It’s surprising, funny, and also kind of sad that there are people who don’t get what the Honor Code is all about. It’s about maintaining your own personal integrity and helping others to do the same, not pointing fingers when you see others who don’t quite measure up.

    Maybe it’s just me in my circle of association, but I don’t think either of these extremes represent the majority of the student body here. I think most of us just realize that we signed the honor code and so we live according to our conscience. However, I know I speak for many when I thank you for the comic relief.

    Mike Gilchrist

    Colville, Wash.

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