Letter to the Editor: Flag honors USS Cole servicemen


    Dear Editor,

    During the spring and summer terms, it seemed that BYU would fly its flag at half-staff every other day for reasons that only a slight few knew about or cared about. This bothered me, for flying the flag at half-staff has always been a symbol of national mourning or respect. Since fall semester has started, that problem seems to have been resolved.

    After the attack against the USS Cole, I was wondering if BYU would recognize this tragedy and honor the lives of those killed and injured. When I got to school this morning, there I saw the flag flying at half-staff. I was touched to see that these servicemen and women were not forgotten. I have many friends and relatives who are on active duty, so to me, this symbol brought me some relief. They are in my prayers.

    Ruben Urias

    Southern Calif.

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