Letter to the Editor:


    Dear Editor,

    I’m writing this comment in reaction to the Readers’ Forum article “Keep 2002 Sober.”

    Many people hate to live in Utah because of these comments. I know you might say, “if you don’t like it leave it!” Well, I say if you don’t like it change it.

    Most people around the world do consume alcoholic beverages in moderation, and they do it because for them it simply tastes good! Do you sincerely think a French man, if prohibited to sip his only glass of wine during lunch or dinner, will think it is a “clean” idea? Give me a break! But wait a minute, we could always tell him to go back to France, that’s the spirit of the Games!! During the Summer Olympics held in prohibition era US, the French athletes were allowed to bring their wine into the US, and we are grateful for this.

    Let us not forget that the 2002 Olympics won’t be the Utah Games but rather the World Games held in Utah. Let us hope that people from around world coming to Utah will not be pestered by comments and criticism from Utah Mormons telling them that what they do is destroying their lives.

    Christophe Waroquet

    Aix-en-Provence, France

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