Red Hawk shares culture with storytelling club


    By Julia Leaman

    Gathering around for a evening of music and stories, students in the storytelling club and the tribe of many feathers hosted Red Hawk, an international storyteller, Thursday, Sept. 28, in the Wilkinson Student Center.

    Although Hawk is not a registered member of any tribe, he is a Cherokee Indian and a storyteller for the United Indian Nation. He is a traditional dancer and international storyteller as well as a motivational speaker.

    Rachel Parkinson, president of the storytelling club, has been storytelling for seven years. This is her fourth year as president of the storytelling club.

    “Some storytellers lack the passion of storytelling. Without passion the story will just drop to the floor,” Parkinson said.

    “He definitely has the passion for storytelling. You need to have that to be a true storyteller,” Parkinson said.

    Parkinson will be attending the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee next week.

    Hawk’s performances, lectures and keynote addresses help to erase stereotypes and provide knowledge of Native American history and culture.

    Hawk shared many stories, beginning with the creation story. He said everyone has their own story, they are just told in a different ways.

    Hawk, a flutist, shared part of a song on the Lacota love flute, where only love songs can be played.

    “It is really powerful music,” Hawk said.

    Complete with authentic American Indian attire, Hawk educated students on the parts of his attire.

    Hawk said the leather on his clothing is extremely strong and the long fringe around the feet can hide foot tracks in the ground. Some of his attire has hieroglyphics on it telling a story.

    Students at this combination meeting were impressed not only with his storytelling skills but the way he educated them about his culture.

    “He was really respectful of culture. I could tell he radiates his native spirit- he really takes pride in what he does,” said Sasheen Sandoval, 19, a freshman from Dulce, New Mexico majoring in graphic design.

    Red Hawk has performed for over one half million children and adults.

    “The art of storytelling lies within the storyteller; it can be searched for, drawn out, and made to grow,” Hawk said.

    For more information on how to join the storytelling club, call Rachel Parkinson at 371-6927.

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