‘God’s Army’ director takes a new LDS spin


    By Matthew Longhurst

    Richard Dutcher, director and producer of “God’s Army,” announced Zion’s Films’ next major production at a press conference Tuesday, Sept. 26.

    “Brigham City” will be a murder mystery set in a contemporary LDS community, Dutcher said.

    It will be filmed next month in Mapleton and most of the film will be taped in Utah County, Dutcher said.

    Dutcher will portray Wesley Clayton, the town sheriff and bishop of a local ward.

    Matthew Brown, star of “God’s Army,” will co-star.

    “I had an amazing experience on God’s Army,” Brown said. “(I) wouldn’t miss an opportunity to work with (Dutcher) again.”

    Dutcher said the idea for Brigham City took a while to formulate, but he knew the audience would enjoy it.

    “Brigham City” will appeal to a larger audience than “God’s Army,” Dutcher said.

    “I think people who have absolutely no background in Mormonism will see it as ‘Mormon noir’ set in a very interesting place,” Dutcher said.

    “God’s Army,” was released in March, 2000 and has been one of the top 10 grossing low-budget films of the summer, earning $2.8 million, said Dean Hale, sales distribution director for Excel Entertainment.

    Dutcher said he is excited for the future of LDS film making potential that “God’s Army” has stirred, he said.

    “There are so many kinds of films that can come from our people,” he said.

    “I’m hoping that we’ll have LDS romantic comedies, LDS mysteries, LDS dramas and character studies and all kinds of films.” He said.

    “Brigham City” is set to be released Feb 14, 2001 in over 60 theatres across the country.

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