Letter to the Editor: Stop judging women for their clothing


    Dear Editor,

    In light of the seeming controversy over skirts with slits, we have a few thoughts on the matter. Two years ago, our esteemed President Bateman announced in a Devotional that, under his tutelage, BYU has become a Zion university. This is an undisputable fact.

    As two students at this university, we are sorely grieved to see the editorial pages of our newspaper littered with harsh and judgmental criticism. We are especially saddened by the many mean-spirited attacks made on those young women who, misled by popular culture, carelessly dress in a provocative manner.

    We wish to extend a warm hand of fellowship to those wayward young ladies. To them we say, “Come back to the liberating fold of the fully-clothed.” We thank them collectively and wish we could thank them individually, for their many virtuous attributes.

    It is time to stop harping on these students for their shortcomings: i.e. form-fitting clothing, bare midriffs, skirts with slits, sleeveless shirts, etc … and start appreciating their divine nature and individual worth. After all, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Those lost and outcast souls are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves them. They shouldn’t be shunned or reviled but should be embraced in the compassionate arms of worthy priesthood holders.

    Let us be mindful that the body is a temple, one of God’s crowning, creative, achievements. We should celebrate and appreciate its beauty.

    Peter Dittmer

    Indianapolis, Ind.

    Dave Hurtado


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