Letter to the Editor: Statues on campus should have wedding rings


    Dear Editor,

    I would like to respond to a remarkably enlightened letter printed last week. Three lovely young ladies expressed their displeasure at the lack of wedding rings on the statue next to the Smith Family Living Center. How heartily I do agree! The artwork on campus should reflect the values of the students who walk by it every day. Obviously, the most important thing to the average BYU student is jewelry, and the thought of being happy without it is simply ludicrous.

    The only reason a young lady would attend this university is to get a strapping young returned missionary to buy her a platinum three-karat engagement ring. If he gets anything less expensive, he probably wasn’t a zone leader.

    While we’re correcting that statue’s mistake, we might as well improve the rest the campus d?cor. I walked by the ASB the other day and noticed that the statue of Brigham Young is not even wearing one of the 27 wedding rings it should be. Shameful, shameful indeed. How could the church that supports this university allow this to happen? Shouldn’t we show that we have costly apparel that comes with righteousness?

    Jon Tolman

    Aurora, Colo.

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