Letter to the Editor: Diehard-fan traits hard to pin down


    Dear Editor,

    I am writing this letter in response to past letters about how to be a true fan and cheer properly, including “Y fans need to make noise, but at the correct time”. Are some of us part of special organizations that makes rules about when to cheer and what to wear? Do these special students wear special T-shirts or badges? I find it very amusing to see that our school spirit is judged and based on what we wear.

    Lets see … I wore a light-blue shirt, so does that mean I am only a mediocre fan? Oh wait, I participated in the wave, along with the rest of Cougar Stadium, so that makes me a less than average fan. Maybe next time I will go half-naked and paint my body blue; then I will move up in the “fan” standings.

    What it really comes down to is who stayed until the final whistle to end the game. That measures true school spirit. Sure we all cheer and rush the field when we win, but when the MSU game seemed to be over with seven minutes remaining the true fans stayed to cheer on the Cougars until the last second. They were not all wearing blue. And remember, too much noise makes ball carriers fumble, except for the MSU quarterback.

    Charles W. RossBob RossBuhl, Idaho

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