A.C.E. kicks off a new year of business ideas


    By Christina Broadbent

    Starting a business sounds like a scary thing to many students. Not for A.C.E members.

    The Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ opening event on the night of Sept. 19 was an action-packed, positive experience for members and prospective members alike.

    During this kickoff event of the year, students got into groups and brainstormed ideas for businesses. Winners took home prizes.

    “A.C.E is a high energy group,” said Craig Earnshaw, director of A.C.E.

    Earnshaw said that A.C.E is a place where “Type A Drivers” go to get even more pumped up about their opportunities in business.

    Members agree.

    “There are always a lot of people with fresh ideas,” said Edgar Gomez, 25, a graduate student from Mexico with a degree in information systems management. “And no one is afraid to share.”

    The club does not suffer from a lack of ideas. In Fall of 1999, the A.C.E club raised funds by distributing free Old Navy planners to students.

    The club also provides assistance in entrepreneurial ventures.

    “We are expanding the services that A.C.E will offer its members,” said Tim Miller, the president of A.C.E.

    Networking, weekly VIP luncheons, personal mentoring and monthly seminars are among the opportunities available through the club.

    Members also have a chance to earn some start-up money.

    A.C.E is involved in two competitions this year: The Student Entrepreneur of the Year and the Student Business Plan Competition. Award money ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.

    “A.C.E is a club that is for students who are interested in networking and making contacts for future businesses,” Director of the Center for Entrepreneurs Don Livingstone said.

    Successful guest speakers include BYU Alumni who have started businesses like Hogi-Yogi, Down East Outfitters, and 1-800 Contacts.

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