Orem to hear neighborhood concerns


    By Craig Blackwell

    Members of the Orem City Council will attend town meetings throughout the city Sept. 19. One council member will be representing the city at each meeting. The seven meetings, divided by city areas, will all start at 7 p.m.

    According to a letter sent out by City Manager Jim Reams, the first half hour of the meeting will focus on “Neighborhoods in Action.” This program offers residents the opportunity to provide community problem solving and to identify local strengths and assets. It also provides a way for neighbors to help neighbors and to strengthen the community through different projects. Numerous projects have been carried out by residents.

    Projects such as, beautification cleanups, food shelter drives and weekly neighborhood cleanup are just part of what “Neighborhoods in Action” is all about.

    The remaining time in the meetings will consist of some short presentations about current city projects and questions and answers from residents about the progress of those projects.

    The Center Street construction is expected to draw a heavy turnout of residents wanting updates and time to voice their opinions on the status of the project.

    There is also time set aside on the meeting agenda for the discussion of Orem’s street lighting program. After months of examination, the council will reveal what street lights will be installed on 800 East and at University Mall.

    Also, more information will be available concerning the University Parkway and I-15 interchange. Construction began on Sept. 11 and throughout the construction the ramps will be closed.

    At the meetings, residents will be able to get more details on these and other road projects that are under way in the city.

    The Lakeside Sports Park that is located at 400 South and Vineyard will also be discussed. According to a pamphlet sent out by the city the park will consist of five full size softball fields, restrooms and concession facilities.

    The park will be constructed in two phases. Phase one will include the softball fields and soccer fields, restrooms and parking while phase two will consist of four more soccer fields and a basketball court along with a walking or jogging path. Posters of the park will be on display at the meetings.

    Residents are encouraged to attend the meetings and to voice any questions of concern that might exist.

    The division of areas for neighborhood meetings is as follows. Area one consists of Suncrest, Geneva, North Bonneville and South Bonneville, with Council member Joseph Anderson. Area two is Northridge and Windsor, with Councilmember Judy Bell. Area three is Orchard and Foothill, with Council member Les Campbell. Area four is Sharon and Cascade, with Council member Bill Peperone. Area five is Scera Park and Hillcrest, under Council member Steve Sandstrom. Area six is Westmore and Cherry Hill, with Council member Mike Thompson. Area seven is Vineyard and Orem from 800 South to Center Street, West of State Street, with Mayor Jerry Washburn.

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