BYU students enter a film in the Manhattan Short Film Festival


    By Lee Champion

    This summer some BYU students got involved in a short film that is now being considered by the Manhattan Short Film Festival.

    According to the Festival’s Web site, its mission is to “help elevate the brilliant minds that do not have the resources to make a full-length feature film.”

    “Looking In,” a 10-minute short film, was co-written by Ryan Stewart, from Orem, Utah, and Holly Myers, 20, a junior from Layton, Utah, majoring in English.

    The film presents the story of one man and attempts to show that situations, instances and people are not always what one would assume they are, Kristin Crockett said.

    Crockett, 23, a junior from Sandy, Utah, who is majoring in business management, was asked to be the production manager, who is in charge of sound and cinematography.

    Working on the short film was a great beginning experience, Crockett said.

    “It was amazing, for a 10 minute film, how much work, trauma and stress went into it,” Crockett said.

    Greg Montgomery, a 24-year-old senior from Boise, Idaho, majoring in communications, was the tech director of the film. He was in charge of lighting, editing the film and all camera work.

    “Looking In” was filmed digitally, which has become a trend among independent filmmakers, Montgomery said.

    Through the Internet and via e-mail the crew was able to contact many of the pioneers of digital film. These pioneers gave them tips and ideas to help the film crew in this new art form, Montgomery said.

    Montgomery said that his passion is film and film production and this project has only began to feed this passion.

    “It helped me to have the confidence that I can do it and be successful in this business,” Montgomery said.

    “Looking in” was in production just over one week because of a deadline the film had to meet for the Manhattan Short Film Festival, Montgomery said.

    The film stars Michael Buster, the man who played the apostate missionary in “God’s Army,” as well as a cameo appearance from state senator Scott Howell.

    There are plans to submit “Looking in” to other film festivals such as Sundance, Slamdance and London.

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