Howell takes education stand


    By Krystal Baker

    The Utah League of Cities and Towns were presented with Scott Howell’s platform on education at their annual conference on Friday.

    Praising the hundreds of elected Utah officials gathered for the conference Howell said, “I think at the crutch of good government is the local government … I think it works best.”

    Addressing these officials, who Howell said are closest to the people because they deal with potholes, barking dogs and heavily chlorinated water in the local swimming pools, Howell promised to not just do what is easy — but what is right. “We do the right things,” said Howell. “We heal the cynicism about elected officials, we go back and change things.”

    One of the problems that Howell pledges to change is public education.

    “Why is education funded last?” Howell asked.

    “Why do we have the largest class size in the country? Why do we have the lowest teacher’s salaries?”

    Howell said Utah kids compete in a global economy. Next to ecclesiastical learning he said, “the best thing we can do is give them a high quality education.”

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