Letter to the Editor: Sleeping in class worse than babies in class


    Dear Editor,

    Concerning parents with babies in the classroom, I think that single students can take a different approach to student-parents with babies in the classroom.

    Banning babies from entering the hallowed grounds of higher education because they cry is the same as banning students who try to catch a couple of winks in some of their more excruciating classes.

    The argument would be that both are just wasting space that a dedicated student could have filled. But babies don’t take another student’s seat — they are either in their own custom-made seats or in their parents’ arms.

    I have been to several classes where babies were present, but the student-parents have always taken care of their children. And if the babies did start crying, their parents would leave the classroom until their babies were calm — like in sacrament meetings. The parents I have seen have always acted most astutely.

    It takes a lot to care for children and do school at the same time. I tip my hat to parents who are able to do this and to mothers who finish their education.

    Babies in the classroom are not a problem. If you choose to catch a couple of winks, go home so we don’t hear you breathing deep or snoring. And if babies are present in your class, deal with it. It’s only a problem if you make it one. If you still have a problem with this, try working in a daycare with an average of 13 two-to three-year-olds that are not yet potty-trained.

    Ashley Wickard

    Issaquah, Wash.

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