Library renovations cause confusion


    By Kirk Blad

    “I don’t think we’re in the library anymore, Toto.”

    Just as the world of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”, there has been a whirlwind of changes within the Harold B. Lee Library that may bring one to strange and new places.

    Some of the most noticeable changes include the renovation of the south side of the library and location changes to the Asian Collection, Copyright Office, Instructional Media Center, Juvenile Literature and the Music Library.

    According to library officials these new changes may be a source of confusion and traffic congestion until students become accustomed to them.

    “There have been a lot of confused students,” said Melissa Hansen, a secretary for the Library Administration Offices.

    The renovation of the south side also brought the addition of two brand new concepts to the Lee library.

    The new additions are classrooms and the Center for Instructional Design (CID).

    After discovering the library as the location for classes, students tried to access those classrooms through the main entrances at the north end of the library only to become frustrated upon their denial.

    Hansen explained that the only entrance to the classrooms is by way of the old entrances located on the south side of the library.

    The entrance to the CID does not have access to the classrooms.

    Posted signs at the main entrances inform students about access and the location of the classrooms.

    Garret Anderson, a BYU student said, “The signs at the front doors were very helpful.”

    The location changes are that the Asian Collection, the Juvenile Literature section and Music Library all moved to the fourth level.

    The Copyright Office moved to the third level, and the Instructional Media Center moved to second level.

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