‘Time After Time’ not so good after a while


    By Kevin Jacobson

    Valley Center Playhouse’s production of the original musical “Time After Time” features some strong vocal performances, but suffers from a weak plot and lackluster tunes.

    “Time After Time” is a musical comedy set at Kingsbury High School during the 1950s.

    Jeannie Brown is a senior who has just transferred to the high school. She is quickly befriended by several of her fellow students as they sing the “Welcome Song” to her on her first day of class.

    The story then follows a loose plot as Jeannie and her friends fall in and out of love with the guys at school, and move closer to graduation and the all-important senior prom.

    This musical contains all of the obligatory scenes required to represent the high school experience of every teenager in the 50s.

    There is slumber party scene, in which the girls hatch a plan to set up two of their teachers who are obviously perfect for each other.

    A prom scene allows the show to reach a climax as a dancing contest showcases the talent of the cast.

    Finally, there is a beach scene, because every high school student in the ’50s lived within 10 minutes of the beach.


    “Time After Time” features talented singing by its female cast. Amy Hill (Jeannie), Holly Barrick (Fe Fe), Charollotte Daniels (Audrey) and Genna Gardner (Annalee) infuse this musical with energy as they sing solos and duets.

    Unfortunately, the male cast members lack vocal talent and mar the musical numbers that are sung by the entire cast.

    A set is almost non-existent. Two benches comprise the bulk of the set, and a small bed is added during the slumber party scene.

    Although a backdrop is impossible in the theater-in-the-round-seating scheme Valley Playhouse has, it seems very little effort was made to compensate for this in the set.

    “Time after Time” attempts to charm audiences with a ’50s high school nostalgia appeal similar to “Grease.” However, the songs lack the zest of “Grease’s” classics and the story line is not as fun.

    Unfortunately, this show’s strong female vocal talent cannot make up for its mediocre story line and uninspired songs.

    Overall Rating: Poor

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