New pin pokes fun at Olympic scandal


    By Brooke Everett

    Jim Friedman designed an Olympic pin that pokes fun of the scandal surrounding the 2002 Winter Games.

    Friedman developed a silver lapel pin bearing the slogan, “The Best Games Money Can Buy!”

    The pin features five caricatures sketched on five coins. The caricatures are identified by their first name: Tom, Deedee, Juan, Frank and Mike.

    The names refer to former bid leader Tom Welch, former Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini, International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch, former bid Chairman Frank Joklik and Gov. Mike Leavitt.

    “I thought we should do something to honor all of the people that brought the games to us. I felt that these people should get their picture on a coin for spending our money,” Friedman said, “We don’t have Mt. Rushmore here so the best we can do is to make a coin in their honor.”

    Each caricature appears on a gold coin that bears the motto “In God We Trust.” The coins are arranged in of the five Olympic rings.

    Pins went on sale Saturday, July 29 at the Spirit of the Games in Fashion Place Mall in Murray, said Mell Bailey, owner of the Spirit of the Games.

    “There was a line here, down the mall, all day, to purchase these pins,” Bailey said. There is a high percentage of people who want these pins.”

    Friedman said many agencies and media representatives have contacted him about getting a pin.

    “People who have been investigating the Olympics want them. They laugh and they see the humor,” Friedman said.

    Friedman said he had not heard anything from the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and he is not expecting to.

    “We have not done anything that infringes on the Olympic standards,” Friedman said.

    Earlier this year, Friedman said he created another pin featuring Leavitt, Corradini and Joklik.

    The trio was posed in the traditional “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” pose, he said. Friedman gave the pin away to his friends.

    Friedman said now he has a whole list of other things they are going to create that parody the Olympics. He hinted one of them would be making fun of the way documents were filed.

    “I am just a Salt Lake business man who has seen some humor in the whole thing. People need to see the levity in it, otherwise it is depressing,” Friedman said.

    BYU student Tony Gibbs, 24, majoring in mechanical engineering, from Bettendorf, Iowa said, “I think this pin is hilarious. We really need something like this to lighten up all of the mess surrounding the Olympics.”

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