Dave Matthew’s Band backs popularity with talent


    By Autumn Salvesen

    Staff Writer

    After much anticipation and after driving approximately 500 miles through wind, rain and sun, I arrived at my grand point of destination – the Dave Matthews Band concert at Mile High Stadium in Denver Colorado.

    Tuesday, July 25 was a hot day, and Mile High Stadium was swarming with people. So many people were there, I had to be on my guard to make sure no one would “Crash” into me.

    As I was sitting on the 50-yard line waiting for my five-year “Crush” to walk out on stage, I took a look around and started to question my “Rhyme and Reasoning” for liking Dave Matthews Band so much.

    Everyone around me had a tattoo on the back of their upper-left shoulder and the girls could not hike up their skirts a little more if they tried.

    It was obvious that my other BYU friend and I did not fit in.

    I started thinking about all my other LDS friends who liked Dave Matthews. I had always known the band was not geared toward an LDS audience, but being from Utah and all I must say I was rather shell-shocked.

    I was telling my friend: “Don’t drink the water” because who knows what might be in it and that I had never heard the phrase “sharing is caring” in reference to alcoholic beverages, when the lights dimmed and the band walked on the stage.

    One look at the band, and all my doubts where gone.

    Right then and there I decided I would quit worrying about the crowd and just “Make the Best of What’s Around.”

    As Stefan Lessard, LeRoi Moore, Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford and Boyd Tinsley prepped, the stadium came alive.

    The lights flashed bright purples, pinks, reds, greens and blues. The sound was amazing. It was loud enough to really get the concert feeling, but not enough to make me put ear plugs in, which I never thought about bringing in the first place.

    The band played “Seek Up” first. The notes floated like magic through the air as “Seek Up” slowly faded into “Rapunzel.”

    As Dave Matthews’ Band played, I thought some more about the group.

    I came to the conclusion that Mathews is so popular with a lot of people because the band has serious talent.

    First of all there is Dave Mathews. He not only sings and writes his own songs, he plays them as well. His voice is oddly enchanting.

    Mathews is the type of guy I would like to sit and talk on the phone with. Also he has the best pained-guitar look I have ever seen.

    I am slightly afraid of sounding like I am too big a fan, but then again after seeing some people at the concert I realize I have a long way to go. One girl had to sit down because she dissolved into tears when Dave walked onto stage.

    Violinist Boyd Tinsley showed off his outstanding ability at the concert. I was in awe as he improvised during the different songs played. Tinsley could perform by himself and still be excellent.

    Lessard, the bass player, Moore, the saxophone player, and Beauford, the drummer, were just so good. That is the only way I can think of to describe them, just so good.

    One of my favorite parts of the show was when the band played “Satellite.” Those who had lighters lit them, and it made the stadium look like the night sky — “Oh how I wonder.”

    The band played some songs from their new CD, as well as some old favorites. “Ants Marching,” and “Granny” were beautifully blasted through stadium.

    The encore of the show, “Watchtower,” consisted of pure musical genius. Ben Hafer, the opening act of the show, joined the band for the remake of the old Bob Dylan song.

    The lights that danced to the beat of the song along with the energy of the crowd made the finale of the concert truly grand.

    After the concert ended, I decided it was worth it to have had to “Drive In and Drive Out” of so many cars on the highway to see Dave Matthews band play. I would definitely do it again.

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