Letter to the Editor: Why so many problems with IT services?


    Dear Editor,

    I would like to know more about how and when IT Services plans to remedy the host of network problems which currently plague campus.

    I work as a teacher’s assistant in the history computer lab in the KMB and am increasingly becoming annoyed with the frailty of our current network. Servers consistently crash, logins constantly fail and BYU faculty and staff are unable to work whenever the network goes down. Entire department Web sites disappear from the Internet for days at a time. As I write this, half of the computers in my computer lab are unable to log into the network servers, I cannot work with files and applications on any remote network drive, and students who frequent the lab cannot print.

    These problems are more prevalent than is generally known. I believe the university is probably doing something to fix these problems, but I do not know what. Whenever I contact FHSS computing support staff, they do not know what is happening, and when I call IT Services, they give me the runaround. At present, faculty and staff here in the History Department simply put up with these constant problems and hope that someone somewhere is working to fix them. But after several months of no change in the status quo, I think we need to more openly communicate our problems with IT Services.

    Because these network crashes and computing support difficulties affect a large percentage of the campus, I think it would be good if we could open up some dialogue on the matter. It would be good to know what IT Services plans to do to implement a permanent solution and fix our barrage of problems.

    Dan Hammari

    Boise, Idaho

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