Letter to the Editor: Parade coverage welcome


    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for the coverage you gave to the Grand Parade in Provo.

    I also want to thank the great crowd of nearly a quarter of a million people for the respectful yet enthusiastic manner in which they celebrated our nation’s independence and freedoms. The former prisoners of war who were our Grand Marshals, told me they were deeply moved by the ovation and respect shown to them.

    Thank heaven as well for the enormous financial contributions. They made the parade possible.

    I also want to thank publicly the 2,000+ parade participants. The people who built or were on the floats, bands directors and members, pilots, street entertainers, equestrians, bikers, marchers, drivers, dignitaries and balloon handlers were so filled with what the patriotic spirit that is what this country is all about. And my staff of 300 volunteers needs kudos as well. They pulled it all together and made it work. Not a single entry entered the parade late!

    It’s great to see people from all walks of life, from paupers to princes, arm in arm, elbow to elbow, working together to celebrate the freedom that is America’s Promise.

    Thank you all.

    Mark Stoddard

    Freedom Festival

    Grand Parade 2000 Chairman

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