Letter to the editor: The press, not Julie, is hurting the church’s image


    Dear Editor,

    I read about the MTV Real World vs. BYU Honor Code situation in the Associated Press and The Universe, and frankly, I am appalled.

    I am a former BYU student and a returned missionary, and I feel very strongly that actions at BYU greatly impact society’s image of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and in turn the church’s missionary efforts. Here was an opportunity for an LDS woman to be put into the national spotlight as an example of how having standards doesn’t equate “being square” (a view held by the majority of MTV viewers).

    As a former missionary, I am very aware that people’s impressions of the LDS Church have a great correlation with their willingness to learn more. This opportunity of a member’s example will now be overshadowed by images presented by Associated Press that BYU (which represents the Church) controls the lives of its members. This I believe can only hurt the Church overall.

    I know that BYU students represent the Church; let’s not take that representation away from Julie Stoffer.

    Wade Greenwood

    Pocatello, Idaho

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