Proposed park in Orem raises controversy


    By Michelle Clark

    An Orem neighborhood is fighting for a proposed local park.

    Cascade Golf Club has been looking into building a 120-foot fence to block balls from going into an Orem community.

    After studying the area, Cascade decided the fence wouldn’t be enough to keep the balls in.

    “When we found it wouldn’t keep the balls in, we decided to go with another plan.”

    A new plan was given to local residents in order to keep the interest of the area in mind.

    “First, because the fence would be dangerous still for residents; and secondly, because it wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing,” Keven Stratton, owner of Cascade Golf, said.

    Stratton proposed that a planned-park area should be used as a buffer zone for stray golf balls instead.

    “This would allow for the balls that fly out, but would avoid the fence, and look nicer,” Brett Pyne, contracted employee, said.

    Many residents don’t agree.

    “The neighborhood prefers to have the park, and to put the fence up. I definitely want the fence,” Lynette Kern, a resident of the area, said.

    Neighbors are waiting for a profession opinion.

    “Yet, I’m waiting for experts to give their advice before I make a definite opinion,” Kern said.

    Not all of the proposed park would be lost if the plan were initiated.

    “We are proposing to still leave the front area of the park for the neighborhood use, and then use the rest of the park as a buffer zone not available for people to use, but would still look nice,” Stratton said.

    Stratton has proposed that they use the buffer zone as an orchard.

    “Overall, I think it’s going to be very nice,” Pyne said.

    “I’m a citizen here, and I think the right thing to do is to use the park,” Stratton said.

    The decision will ultimately rest with the City Council.

    Cascade Golf Club is located in Orem, at the entrance of Provo Canyon.

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