Children make good teachers, Tuttle says


    By Brooke McCoy

    The time we spend in the company of children makes us better people, Dr. Marie Tuttle said at the Devotional on May 30. Tuttle, associate dean of the McKay School of Education, focused on the importance of children.

    Tuttle shared from her associations with children in church and school settings examples of how children can teach adults.

    Lessons adults can learn from children include humility, trust, perseverance and appreciation for little things, she said.

    For example, if an adult can’t do something well, they don’t want to do it at all. Children will keep trying even when they do something poorly such as tying their shoe, Tuttle said.

    There are some things children do not teach well, Tuttle said. For example, children say what they think without forethought.

    Tuttle interrupted the traditional devotional setting with a video clip from a movie made by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “The Mouth of Babes.”

    Some children live in challenging homes and it is our responsibility as teachers, neighbors, parents, aunts and uncles, ward members and many others, to throw these children a lifeline, Tuttle said.

    “Resolve to seek those children who need our help,” Tuttle said. “I know that all children are precious in the sight of our Heavenly Father.”

    For examples on how to rescue children who need their help, Tuttle suggested some basic steps.

    People interested in helping a child should first look at the example they are currently providing, remove the negative aspects such as criticism, and increase the positive.

    Then they can seek the spirit to guide us and identify a child that needs their help.

    Next, they should alter their course to help; and finally, enlist the help of others.

    “It (the devotional) made me think about what is important in life, and if you impact a child you change the world,” said John McCracken, a senior from Alexander, Va., majoring in history.

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