Infrared takes minimalistic approach to music


    By Carolyn Irvine

    Members of the Provo band Infrared said they are too realistic to imagine rock stardom.

    “If we were after stardom, we’d write three minute pop songs and wear tons of jewelry,” Infrared bass guitarist Josh Callaway said.

    However, Infrared will have the chance to make their debut June 5 at 8:30 p.m. They will open for the Autumns at Salt Lake City’s Kilby Court at 741 S. 330 W.

    “Kilby Court is a dive, but the whole speakeasy aspect of it is cool,” Infrared vocalist and guitarist Jason Gough said.

    Another band called Lift to Experience will also be performing with Infrared and the Autumns.

    “Lift has a reputation of being a group of amazing people,” Callaway said.

    “One girl said it was like a religious experience to hear them,” he said.

    Gough said Infrared classifies itself as an “unrock band.” He said their music is not like music typically heard on the radio.

    “Our goal is to sedate and pacify. If you need something to put you to sleep, you found it here,” he said.

    The band members said they describe their music as restrained and simple.

    “Our music is like the theory of minimalism. We think of a song as a whole, not just individual parts,” drummer Jim Harker said.

    Gough said he and Callaway started writing songs together last summer. They soon formed a complete band with drums and keyboard.

    Band organist Sarah Holyoak said she became a member of Infrared after filling in for one of their concerts last December.

    “I love playing with this band because it is so simple,” Holyoak said.

    “Every time I practice, it calms me. It makes a cool environment for a band,” she said.

    Since the band’s beginning, Infrared has played at a lot of house parties and recently performed at Castle Park with Sunfall Festival, Gough said.

    “We haven’t really played that much and it hasn’t been the right atmosphere. But our show on Saturday was great. People were screaming and wanted more,” Callaway said.

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