Letter to the Editor: Include Air Force in your stories


    Dear Editor,

    I was excited to see an article about the ROTC program in Wednesday’s edition of The Universe because I am one of those that will be attending field training this summer.

    However, I am in the Air Force ROTC, and the article seemed only to cover the Army ROTC. We are two separate organizations (although we share the same building) with totally different chains of command all the way up to the Secretary of Defense. The Air Force ROTC cadets are required to attend field training to become officers in the United States Air Force. There are cadets at field training right now at Lackland AFB, Texas. There are four other training camps this summer that cadets from BYU will attend, including myself. Many of us are married, and one cadet I know of will be gone when his wife is due to have their first baby.

    Please don’t leave us out! Please correct this. Perhaps you could run a story in the fall that reports on field training for both the Army and the Air Force ROTC Programs. We are all committed to our country. Please give us the credit of accurate and correct reporting

    Cadet Ezra T. Glanzer, AFROTC

    Spokane, Wash.

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