Neighborhood program to fix up Orem


    By Melinda Fitzgerald

    Opportunities for many service projects are available at the Orem Blitz Saturday, May 20.

    Approximately 1,000 volunteers are scheduled to attend and improve nearly 600 homes.

    “We really appreciate the dedication we receive from BYU. They play a big part of the Blitz every year,” said Chris Boyadjian Blitz Coordinator.

    Orem Blitz is a neighborhood revitalization project dedicated to maintaining and improving Orem’s neighborhoods.

    This year, the improvements will focus on the Sharon II neighborhood, which includes the area from Center Street to 400 North and from Orem Boulevard to 400 East.

    Volunteers are matched with activities that fit their skills and abilities.

    Various community clean-up and improvement projects are offered, including the following:

    Improvements will be made on city signs and infrastructures. Curbs, gutters and sidewalks will be repaired.

    Old street signs will be replaced with larger, more readable signs. Also, litter will be removed and from roadsides and streets swept.

    Yards and empty lots throughout the neighborhood will be improved.

    Neighborhood clean-up will be accomplished throughout the week by placing industrial-size dumpsters in four different areas.

    Eleven projects will be performed to help improve the city park.

    Volunteers and homeowners working side by side will paint 10 homes and 5 projects will be done by the Utah Home Builders Association.

    In appreciation for their efforts each volunteer will receive a Blitz t-shirt and can attend a picnic with a barbeque, entertainment and door prizes following the activities.

    Group applications are still available at 56 North State Street, room 222 or by calling (801) 229-7099.

    Small groups and individuals can just show up and participate.

    The center of the project will be located at City Center Park and non-registered volunteers can meet there.

    Activities will go from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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