BYU adopts new uniform after NCAA says ‘Bibs gotta go’


    By Steve Borgquist

    @by2:NewsNet Sports Writer

    A slightly new look for the 2000 Cougar football uniforms should put the NCAA, opposing teams, and some fans at ease.

    The NCAA Football Rules Committee now only permits white to be used as a number, an outline, and neck brace or for use in the school logo on home jerseys.

    In compliance with the NCCA, the 2000 uniforms will replace the now-famous white “bib” with dark blue (officially registered BYU Blue), trimmed with tan ribbing that runs from under the arm to the side of the neckline.

    The player’s pants will be solid blue with a tan stripe on each side of the leg to match the stripe on the side of the shirt, appearing as one continuous stripe from under the arm to the bottom of the pant.

    “The new rules regarding the use of white on the uniforms would not permit it,” BYU equipment manager Mick Hill said. “We have always followed the NCAA rules and guidelines regarding uniform design.”

    The completely revamped 1999 uniforms colored with dark blue, tan trimming and the white bib core, was originally approved by the NCAA, but after a season of controversy concerning the jerseys the 1999 uniforms have been put to rest.

    “Even with last year’s uniform, the NCAA approved it and with the changes in the rules this year, we’re making the necessary changes to achieve compliance with the NCAA,” Hill said.

    According to returning defensive tackle Chris Hoke, the NCAA was concerned about the white “bib” because of the difficulty determining home from away jerseys.

    “They (NCAA) decided that it wasn’t fair for us to wear the white “bibs” because it could distract other teams,” Hoke said. “Our home jersey would interfere with the other team’s passing attack because it was hard for quarterbacks to distinguish between them and us.”

    T.J. Brinkerhoff, a junior majoring in communications and former quarterback for University Northern Colorado, said that the white “bib” had no business on the uniforms and the changes made for 2000 only makes the uniforms look better.

    “I didn’t like the white ‘bib’ in the first place and I think most of the fans I know will favor the solid dark blue,” Brinkerhoff said.

    The Cougars’ road uniforms are completed and ready for the 2000 season opener against the defending national champions, Florida State.

    To match the design of the home uniform, the road jersey will also have a blue stripe that runs down each side of the jersey continuing down the side of the pants.

    Chelsea Lang, a junior majoring in business management and long-time Cougar fan, hopes that the pristine redesigned uniforms will serve as a positive karma for one toughest season schedules the Cougars have ever faced.

    “Perhaps the new uniforms will cause some sort of new outlook on the tough year ahead,” said Lang. “When all is said and done, the new look for 2000 seems only positive.”

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