Vandalism hits Orem and Provo businesses


    By Melissa Sue Johnson

    At least 27 businesses in Provo and Orem had windows to replace after several possibly related vandalism incidents late Tuesday, May 2.

    Calls to the Provo Police Department and the Orem Department of Public Safety began around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night and continued Wednesday morning as more businesses reported destroyed windows and other vandalism.

    Capt. Keith Teuscher, head of criminal investigations in Provo, approximates combined damages of Provo and Orem at over $50,000. The police are still investigating the incidents and possible motives, Teuscher said.

    “There’s a tremendous amount of property damage. We’ve just got to analyze what has happened. Our best hope is that someone in the public will step forward with information,” Teuscher said.

    Sgt. Mark Troxel of the Provo Police Department said officers are unsure of what was used to shoot out the windows.

    “It is possibly wrist rockets or BB guns,” Troxel said. Other possibilities are air guns or paintball guns or frozen paintballs. In addition to the broken windows, several businesses also had damage to merchandise inside the businesses.

    Office Essentials, at 120 N. University Ave., had three pieces of office furniture gouged by the broken glass flying from the window.

    “It was a low sleep night,” said manager Steve White, who was called by police at midnight to report the broken window. “We have four to five thousand dollars in damage, but Ken Garff was who really got hurt.”

    Ken Garff Motors Porsche Audi Volkswagen Sales, at 410 S. University Ave., had at least $20,000 in damage.

    Several windows were broken, with both paint balls and bullet holes found. Glass and other items scratched the paint on at least four showroom cars.

    Joe Keddington of Provo Craft in Provo calculated damage at over $500 from four broken windows.

    The Orem Department of Public Safety reported damage to 21 businesses covering a 24-block area along State Street. Orem estimates the damages at $10,000.

    Police first responded to Prestige Wireless at 148 S. State. One front windowpane was broken. In the same business complex, police found two other businesses with window damage.

    A heavy plate dark tinted window was smashed at Hansen Chiropractic. Dr. Hansen estimates the replacement cost at two or three hundred dollars. Windows were also shattered at Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop.

    “We’ve had it broken before, so we estimate it will be about $600,” said Jason Humphrey of the Herb Shop.

    More damages were found as the police continued along State Street answering other calls.

    Jones Paint and Glass reported at least 12 calls for estimates on broken windows, with one business having twelve panes of glass broken.

    Two motor vehicles parked along University Avenue also had broken windows and are possibly related to the other incidents.

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