Letter to the Editor: Prices at creamery frustratingly high


    Dear Editor:

    As a freshman I am concerned with the outrageous prices of the BYU Creamery. I, like many freshmen, have the dining plus meal plan. This meal plan gives me a certain amount of money each day and allows me the freedom to spend this money at various on-campus locations.

    Compared to a local grocery store, the BYU Creamery’s prices are sometimes double the advertised price. I asked a clerk why their prices were much higher than normal. She said we are paying the higher price because the of the creamery’s “convenience.”

    I feel that the Creamery has a monopoly on all freshmen with the dining plus meal plan because it is the only place where we can buy grocery store items. The Creamery has no on-campus competitors, so dining plus cardholders are forced to pay these higher prices.

    Can anything be done to get rid of this monopoly?

    Tyler Ferrell

    Gilbert, Ariz.

    Derek Bedke

    Oakley, Idaho

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