President Hinckley bears personal witness of Jesus Christ



    Concluding Sunday morning’s session of general conference, LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley bore powerful testimony of Jesus Christ, and how that testimony has grown and evolved over his lifetime.

    President Hinckley spoke of testimony building experiences in his life, from a father’s blessing when he was 5 years old, to realizing he could communicate with God through prayer, to reading the Gospel of John with his missionary companion.

    “I have seen much of ugliness in this world,” he said. “Most of it the work of man. But I think I have seen much more of beauty. I marvel at the majestic works of the Creator. How magnificent they are. And they are all the work of the Son of God.”

    President Hinckley bore his testimony of Jesus Christ, saying Christ was his friend, his exemplar, his teacher, his healer, his leader, his Savior and Redeemer, his God and his King.

    “His way of life, his absolutely selfless conduct, his outreach to those in need, his final sacrifice all stand as an example to me,” President Hinckley said. “I cannot measure up entirely, but I can try.”

    He cited the Beatitudes as evidence of Christ’s influence as a teacher, and said the miracles he performed serve as evidence as his power as a healer.

    “I stand in awe at his wondrous miracles,” he said. “And yet I know they happened. I accept the truth of these things because I know that he is the master of life and death. The miracles of his ministry bespeak compassion, love and a sense of humanity wonderful to behold.”

    President Hinckley also offered his thanks to members of the LDS Church for their prayers and support.

    “Thank you for your obedience to the commandments of God,” he said. “He is pleased and loves you.”

    He also expressed his gratitude for the youth of the church, and for the era in which he is living.

    “I am profoundly grateful for this wonderful season of history in which we live,” he said. “There has never been another like it. We, of all people who have walked the earth, are so richly and abundantly blessed.”

    But he said that, of all he expressed thankfulness for, one stood out supremely: “a living testimony of Jesus Christ.”

    “From everlasting to everlasting, he will reign and rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords,” he said. “To his dominion there will be no end. To his glory there will be no night. None other can take his place. None other ever will. Unblemished, and without fault of any kind, he is the Lamb of God to whom I bow and through whom I approach my Father in Heaven.”

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