‘Let us consider our callings,’ President Monson says



    Through life’s eternal voyage, the priesthood holders of God can accomplish miracles in his holy service, while they themselves will be tested along the way, said President Thomas S. Monson, first counselor in the First Presidency of the LDS Church, at Saturday’s general priesthood meeting.

    “Come all ye sons of God who have received the priesthood, let us consider our callings, let us reflect on our responsibilities, let us determine our duty, and let us follow Jesus Christ our Lord,” President Monson said.

    Bearers of the priesthood have been placed on the earth during troubled times, President Monson said.

    However, those who have been ordained to the priesthood of God can make a difference, he said.

    “When we qualify for the help of the Lord, we can build boys. We can mend men. We can accomplish miracles in his holy service. Our opportunities are without limit,” he said.

    President Monson went on to say that those who are on the Lord’s errand are entitled to the Lord’s help.

    “Though the task looms large, we are strengthened by this truth: ‘The greatest force in the world today is the power of God as it works through man,'” he said.

    Help from the great Jehovah, however, is predicated upon the worthiness of those seeking that help, President Monson said.

    He related a story from the Church News that described how ships at sea could become encumbered by barnacles that slow a ship’s progress and decrease its efficiency.

    Just like those barnacles, sins can slow our progress and decrease our efficiency, he said.

    And that without repentance, they can build up and eventually sink us.

    “In his infinite love and mercy, our Lord has provided a harbor where, through repentance, our barnacles fall away and are forgotten. With our souls lightened and renewed, we can go efficiently about our work and His,” he said.

    President Monson also told the young men in attendance that some lessons in life are learned from parents, in school or in church. But that there are times, however, when Heavenly Father in doing the teaching and a young man is his student.

    “The thoughts we think, the feelings we feel — even the deeds we do in boyhood — can affect our lives forever,” he said.

    President Monson continued by telling priesthood holders that they had no way of knowing when the privilege to extend a helping hand would unfold before them.

    But that through humble prayer, diligent preparation and faithful service, they could succeed in their sacred priesthood callings.

    “Let us be pure vessels before the Lord. Let us recognize, respond to the need of the widow; the cry of the child; the plight of the unemployed; the burden of the sick, the confined, the aged, the poor, the hungry, the lame, and the forgotten,” he said.

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