Elder Jensen encourages members to gain an eternal perspective



    The key to increased obedience as members of the church is gaining an eternal perspective, which is accomplished with a better understanding of the overall plan of salvation said Elder Jay E. Jensen, of the First Quorum of the Seventy, in the Saturday afternoon session of general conference.

    “If we can help people first understand the plan,” said Elder Jensen, “they will find a deeper and more pre-eminent motivation to keep the commandments.”

    Quoting Alma, Elder Jensen explained that God first taught Adam and Eve the plan of redemption, then he gave them commandments.

    According to Elder Jensen, this is the key to conversion, retention and activation.

    “When we understand the great plan of happiness,” said Elder Jensen, “we’re gaining an eternal perspective and the same commandments, ordinances and covenants, and the experiences, trials and tribulations can be seen in their true and eternal light.”

    Citing examples of Laman and Lemuel and the Prodigal Son, Elder Jensen said that Satan will attempt to dim our eternal perspective.

    “Those without eternal perspective, or those who lose sight of it, make their own standards to benefit themselves and their own selfish interests, their mortal perspective becomes their standard, and for some, their God,” Elder Jensen said.

    “Satan will dim the brightness of hope and eternal perspective by the dark, compelling urgency of new.”

    Elder Jensen stressed the importance of his parents and a full-time mission in his own personal conversion.

    Also, sacred hymns are important in our conversion. Many of the hymns reveal doctrines and communicate sacrifice, and, according to Elder Jensen, they need to be sung with purpose.

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