Student-alumni Network links students past and present



    The Student-Alumni Network, which was established in 1983 by Ida Smith, is helping students and alumni come together in a variety of ways.

    The goal of the Student-Alumni Network is to help students realize their involvement with BYU should last a lifetime, and those who participate in its activities are provided with a contemporary link to campus.

    The Student-Alumni Network accomplishes its goals through three distinct missions: 1. Promote student orientation and activity in alumni programs; 2. Prepare students to become participating alumni upon graduation; 3. Encourage campus traditions and pride.

    The Student-Alumni Network Committee includes a chair, vice-chairs and activity coordinators.

    “We facilitate activity through a variety of ways,” said Sara Sandberg, chair of the Network.

    “We do new-student orientation, essay contests and a variety of activities during Homecoming Week.”

    In addition to these positions, the Student-Alumni Network has members across BYU campus.

    “We have a representative from every college on campus that provide feedback,” Sandberg said. “Our goal is to create awareness to the student body for the Alumni Network.”

    Some of the more widely known activities sponsored by the network include the George H. Brimhall Memorial Essay Contest, finals week survival kits, homecoming activities and the College Alumni Award Lecture Series and Luncheon.

    One of the more unique services the Student-Alumni Network provides is Alumni Connections, an event that allows students to meet and learn from alumni in their major.

    Rex Pugmire, an advisor to the Student-Alumni Network, said that this alumni in training.

    “We sponsor career networking — we bring back successful alumni,” Pugmire said. “It serves as an instrument to help students.”

    This event, which takes place in March and April, brings back alumni to discuss classes, career goals and a host of other topics. Students can schedule one-on-one interviews with alumni to help in career choices.

    For students and alumni, the Student-Alumni Network is a win-win situation.

    “If students feel a connection with the university, they will be more likely to contribute after graduation,” Sandberg said.

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