New student liason for campus computer questions



    Students no longer need to wait to have their technology-related questions answered.

    Jim Sands is the Office of Information Technology’s first student service representative.

    “We know that students are a great source for good ideas and valuable critique,” said Brad Stone, director of IT customer relations. “We asked Jim Sands to be our full-time student liaison so they will have a specific person to talk to about concerns with campus technology and ideas for how to improve it.”

    As the OIT’s student service representative, Sands is responsible for listening to student suggestions and ensuring that their voice is heard as OIT operates and plans BYU’s technology infrastructure.

    “Technology effects every student on this campus, and they are our primary concern. Suggestions from students have already helped in issues about registration and Route Y,” Stone said. “Jim’s new position will be an even bigger step, toward more student feedback.”

    According to a news release, Sand’s job is threefold. First and foremost among his objectives is establishing a working relationship with the student body.

    “I would like students to know that they can contact me directly with their concerns and suggestions,” Sands said. “With any kind of problem, people get frustrated when they can’t find someone who will listen to them and take steps to correct it.”

    Students can reach Sands at his personal extension, 378-6907, and through email, .

    Sands would also like to better understand OIT’s services.

    “I don’t think most students know everything we do on campus and how we can help them during their years at BYU,” he said.

    Sand’s third goal is to know how technology is working from the student point of view and if their needs are being met. To do this, Sands plans to continually meet student life officials, members of Student Auxiliary Services, other departments and individuals.

    “I’ve learned a lot about how our services are helping students with schoolwork and how they could be improved,” Sands said. “Features in the Route Y Post Office have been a big issue for students who have contacted me and I am happy to say that these concerns are being addressed.”

    Sand’s said his most important goal is to be able to connect with the students.

    “Now students don’t have to feel that way when it comes to campus technology,” he said.

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