Letter to the editor: Keep the love indoors


    Dear Editor:

    As the weather warms, people tend to go outside to study, relax and enjoy themselves. This is where the problem starts. Recently, I have noticed several couples out on lawns around campus who are enjoying themselves a little too much for my comfort.

    I realize that with the onset of spring, there seems to be love in the air. But keep that love indoors, out of the view of innocent bystanders who are simply trying to go to class and get an uplifting education. As I come onto campus, I don’t want to feel like I need to close my eyes as I walk around so I don’t have to witness the R-rated activity occurring right in front of my eyes on the grass. I don’t know if BYU has a co-ed wrestling team, but if it does, I’m sure they don’t practice on the grass!

    I am just as happy as the next person for couples who are getting engaged or beginning to date seriously, but I don’t need to witness all of their affections as I walk around campus. These displays of affection degrade the true love shared between two people. Please be considerate of others as you enjoy the beautiful weather and respect yourselves by not publishing your affections around campus.

    Brooke Jones

    Snowflake, Ariz.

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