Letter to the editor: BYU Taco Bell used to be better


    Dear Editor:

    I recall the days of old when BYU’s Taco Bell stood for something magnificent and refined. In those days, my trips to Provo were few. Coming occasionally to visit my brothers at BYU was always a treat, for I knew that the best Taco Bell in Utah awaited me at the Cougareat. When I returned from my trips to Provo, my friends from the neighborhood would gather around and listen to tales of tacos and burritos the size of houses.

    I was disappointed the first time I purchased a burrito as a BYU student. No longer did my arm struggle against the weight as I devoured the food. I have stopped taking the extra time to eat at BYU’s Taco Bell — the worldly Taco Bells are just as good, if not better.BYU’s Taco Bell used to mean something. Latter-day Saints could be proud of their Taco Bell.

    Please, I long for the times of yesteryear. When I dream, I dream of chalupas and nachos with so many toppings that I can’t even finish them. Help me realize my dreams and return BYU’s Taco Bell to its glory days.

    Danny Lassen


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