Letter to the editor: Don’t judge movie before you see it yourself


    Dear Editor:

    We consider ourselves lucky to have seen the premiere of “God’s Army.” The cast and the director, Richard Dutcher, were given a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the movie. We would like to shed a different light on what has previously been presented in a letter and Viewpoint. In the July 1977 Ensign article, “The Gospel Vision of the Arts,” President Spencer W. Kimball encouraged faithful members to tell our story. “Our writers, our motion picture specialists, with the inspiration of heaven, should tomorrow be able to produce a masterpiece which would live forever … Such masterpieces should run for months in every movie center, cover every part of the globe in the tongues of the people, written by great artists, purified by the best critics.”

    Twenty-three years later, Dutcher’s movie is the first of its kind.

    Because it is an accurate depiction, none of the characters are perfect. Some may be flawed more than others, but we appreciate Dutcher’s candid portrayal of the missonaries serving in the L.A. mission.

    As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we don’t claim perfection. We don’t expect real or fictitious missionaries to be perfect either. Dutcher does not have a “holier than thou” attitude toward himself, his movie or his characters.

    The Spirit manifests itself at different times in different ways to different people. We felt the Spirit during the movie. But don’t judge the movie on the trailer, others’ impressions or our impression.

    “God’s Army” deserves your own judgment.

    Melissa Fitzgerald

    Alexandra Rolston

    West Linn, Ore.

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