Living Legends entertain, send message of cultural unity



    Building a legacy that will bring honor to one’s heritage was the message expressed through song and dance at Tuesday’s devotional.

    Living Legends, a BYU performing group celebrating Latin American, Native American and Polynesian song and dance, presented their new program, “Seasons,” to an enthusiastic crowd at the Marriott Center.

    With authentic costumes, special effects and a large set, the performers transported hooting and hollering audience members to the seasons of ancient civilizations.

    As the “timeless legacy” unfolded, the seasons of promise, plenty, prosperity, war and rebirth were identified.

    “It was exciting to discover their cultural identities,” said Rachel Parry, 21, a senior from Snowflake, Ariz., majoring in home economics.

    “Nohili,” “La Negra,” and “Hoop” were just some of the dances performed that allowed viewers to appreciate the cultural influences of these nations.

    With vibrant costumes and flowing movements of the Latin American dances, Living Legends entertained with their festivity.

    In addition to celebrating Latin America, the program included one Polynesian performance that brought energy and enthusiasm to the program.

    As the dancers moved to the rhythm of drumming sticks and hand clapping, students cheered with excitement.

    “I particularly enjoyed the Polynesian influence of the program,” said Noah Craig, 22, a sophomore from Wichita Falls, Texas, majoring in business.

    With the pulse of the Polynesian dances, students were amazed at the skill of the performers during the Native American dance, “Hoop.”

    As the four performers methodically moved across the stage, they carefully intertwined themselves with as many as 15 hoops. Their movements revealed a variety of images and shapes.

    “Everyone was amazing. You could tell that they practice a lot,” said Kevin Judd, 23, a graduate student in mechanical engineering from Farmington, Davis County.

    At the end of the performance, BYU students gave Living Legends a standing ovation, only to be interrupted with an additional musical number.

    By singing “I am a child of God,” Living Legends sealed their performance with the message of cultural unity and love.

    “They showed how much Heavenly Father loves us,” Parry said.

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